The Best 8 Summer Makeup Tips, According to Makeup Artists

When it comes to summer beauty products, sunscreen is the only thing you should be laying on thick. Here, the best tips from makeup artists on how to lighten (and brighten) up but still look put-together in the dead of sweltering summer.

Many people think that only in the Sun Shan Hot in July and August is the peak of the sun, if you have this idea, quickly throw it away! In the early summer of June, sun protection becomes the most important part of skin care.
Sunscreen is the basis for sunscreen. It is best to develop the habit of applying sunscreen throughout the year. Even if you use a sunshade and wear a sunscreen, you can’t omit the step of sunscreen. Generally speaking, the Office family chooses the sunscreen index SPF15, the PAP product is enough. If you want to go out in the summer 10 to 14, you should choose SPF30, Pa above, preferably with waterproof efficacy of sunscreen, every 2-3 hours.
Sunshade is also the main way to prevent sun, go out must do a good sunscreen measures, only in this way to avoid UV damage. Sunscreen must be sheltered.

Generally speaking, in the ability to resist ultraviolet rays, the sunshade is superior to the sunscreen, and the sunscreen is better than the sunscreen. The selection of sunshade mainly depends on the protection index, only UPF is more than 40, and UVA transmittance is less than 5%, can be called Anti-ultraviolet products.
In addition, the darker the color of the umbrella, thicker, more dense, anti-ultraviolet effect is better. Compared to cotton, silk, nylon and other fabrics, polyester more sunscreen. If you want to know the sunscreen effect, may wish to try in the sun. The darker the shadow, the better the sun-proof effect.

When you go out, you’d better wear dark-coloured long trousers if you don’t have a parasol. The thin translucent sunscreen that is sold on the market is made with a lot of micro-porous fibres treated with anti-ultraviolet rays, not only with sunscreen but also with moisture wicking and suitable for summer wear. He reminded that the best choice to indicate clothing materials, sunscreen index sunscreen. In general, the higher the acrylic fiber content in the fabric, the higher the UPF index, the better the sunscreen. In addition, sunglasses and visor is also a necessary sunscreen. The lens of the grey system has the best eye-protection effect. Hats can cover the larger the area, the better the sun-proof effect.